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11 January 2018
Sporting and oxidative stress

These days most people know about anti-oxidants. And free radicals. But who has heard of oxidative stress?

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2 December 2017
What is Aging

I like to write, to play with words. But I really couldn’t tell this better and since people rather watch then read these days… Watch the video below to gain some insight in aging, the scientific view on the subjects near future, and our vision. If you have any questions:

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9 May 2017
The concept of Feel Fit For Life

What is health? Most people think that, to be healthy, they need to eat lots of greens and fruit. And of course, be active. But if you do that, how can you be sure you are actually healthy? The World Health Organization defined health in 1948: "State of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and […]

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