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The concept of Feel Fit For Life

Posted on 9 May 2017

What is health?

Most people think that, to be healthy, they need to eat lots of greens and fruit. And of course, be active. But if you do that, how can you be sure you are actually healthy?

The World Health Organization defined health in 1948:
"State of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Let’s look a different approach. Homeopathy is speaking of a state of health or a constitution:
“A innate ánd acquired psychic-mental and physically condition of man, which are indicated by the physique, psychic-mental base mood and way of response to inner and outer pressure.”

It’s clear that both definitions cover both the physical and mental state. There’s no reference to nutritions.

So, what’s Feel Fit For Life’s point of view regarding health?

Obviously we endorse the need for healthy nutritions and being active, but, as the above mentioned definitions show, that’s not enough! You need more to feel healthy.


Let’s first take a look at nutritions. The market is flooded with supplements, but why? It’s no secret to most of us that our fruits, vegetables and proteins don’t have the same amount of vitamins and minerals they use to have. Which means that even when you strive to eat healthy, you can still run short on necessary nutritions.

Two famous chemists (R.A. McCance en E.M. Widowson) analyzed 28 raw and 44 cooked vegetables, 17 species of fruits and 10 various proteins. They did this in 1940 and again in 1991. A small part of their findings on minerals:

Food Loss
Carrots 75% less magnesium, 48% less calcium
Broccoli (cooked) 46% less iron and 75% less copper
Green onion 74% less calcium
Spinach (cooked) 60% less iron and 96% less copper
Cabbage turnip 71% less iron
Watercress 93% less copper
Potatoes 30% less magnesium, 35% less calcium, 45% less iron and 47% less copper
All kinds of meat 41% less calcium en 54% less iron
All kinds of fruits 27% less zinc
Apples and oranges 67% less iron

We are convinced eating healthy isn’t enough anymore. So we started to look for a natural product to complement our meals and that offers what our body needs to stay as healthy as possible.

And we found something mesmerizing! Watch this video to learn more about the products we’ve found.

Mental wellbeing

What about our mental health? Do the right nutritions (with or without supplements), help our psychic state? According to both the WHO and Homoeopathists, that should also be covered, right?

The WHO states:
“Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.”

Of course a healthy way of living does affect your mental health. That includes healthy, varied food, being active, getting out. But there’s more.


Considering all, Feel Fit For Life came to this conclusion: We need a concept that helps us to feel physically, mentally AND financially healthy.

Our concept

“Determine what your physical, mental and financial needs are and work towards it!”

Don’t let trends determine what your life looks like, nor what others say you should do. Decide what you’re living for and what is valuable to you.
That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help or advice, but it has to be YOU that decides. We’d like to help you start thinking, to give you something to work with. And even help you to do the same for others.

These are some questions we asked ourselves and can help you determine some goals for yourself:

  • Does my day look like the way I imagined as a child?
  • Do I set my own values and rules or do I let others dictate them for me?
  • Am I aware of those things that really matter for me?
  • Am I on the right track to reach my goals?
  • Do I live a way that makes it possible for me to do the things I want to?
  • Do I give my body all that it needs?
  • Who, what and where do I care about and want in my life?

Some questions might not be that easy to answer, you might stumble onto somethings you’ve a hard time admitting to yourself. That’s okay, we all have. If you keep asking these kind of questions every now and then, your answers will probably change. And that’s good. It’ll help you to adjust your life, your goals and help you make other choices.

Our goal is

  • To provide our bodies with what it desperately needs
  • To help all find their own way in life
  • To make making money not a goal in itself, but a way to reach your real life goals.

Did you get excited? Are you ready to take your physical, mental and financial health in your own hands? Check out our website for more information, get started right away, or

Contact us



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