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MLM in work-from-home groups on Facebook

Posted on 4 June 2018

I’m probably not the only who noticed it ... There is a great need for work that can be done from home. Facebook groups for work from home multiply daily and grow fast. As Network Marketer (Network Marketing is also often called MLM, or multilevel marketing), I find it a particularly positive trend. People are increasingly realizing that there are other ways to make money. As main income, as side-kick, part-time or full-time. But...

There is always one but, right?

Overrun with a too simple representation of network marketing


The header above indicates it. Facebook is flooded. By messages that contain too much and at the same time too little information. Which predict a beautiful future in exchange for...?

  • Usually it is indicated that no investment is needed. Or a very small one
  • That you can work anywhere, wherever you want
  • That you don’t have to do anything alone, there is always someone who can help you
  • And that it is so easy that everyone can do it

AND THAT IS (Almost) all TRUE!

Do I confuse you? That is also the intention. The above statements are indeed true.

Why then the "but"? Well, there is a "motivation" catch.

Addertje onder het gras

Let's start at the beginning. You are looking for something different, or something extra. You are no longer satisfied with your job, applying doesn’t work out well, you want to work but you also want stay home for the children, you are 65+ but feel far from retirement... There are countless reasons why you end up at Network marketing.

It sounds so beautiful. Too good to be true, according to many people. And unfortunately they are often right, despite the fact that all the above mentioned points are true. Why? Because you forget a very important rule. Namely:

There’s nothing in life you get for free

If I go through the four statements one by one, it’ll become clear that, although each statement is 100% true, it is nevertheless optimistically presented. There is nothing in life that you’ll get that simple and you certainly won’t get anything for free.

Statement 1: No, or only a small investment is needed

That's right. You might only have to pay a couple of tens of bucks to be allowed to start. You will receive a website, often with a webshop and a back office. Sometimes with some marketing material and/or some products.

Sometimes that amount is slightly higher. Usually when there are (more) products in the starter package. Often you can choose between different starter packages. With or without products ranging from a few bucks to a few thousand.


In those Facebook groups, the latter is of course not likely to be told. It would scare most of the public. The majority is looking for an easy, fast and above all cheap solution to get out of (mostly financial) problems. And there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you realize that...

Whatever you are going to do, you have to work for it!

The investment moneywise may not be that high, but that is also the most, MOST, important pitfall in Network Marketing. It deprives you a big part of motivation.

If you start a business for which you have to borrow a starting capital from the bank, you’ll spend every single minute to earn back that money. However difficult it may be, you continue, you have to, because sooner or later the bank will knock on your door.

Ook een netwerkmarketeer moet werken voor z'n geld

You’ll lack a big part of that motivation when you start with Networkmarkting. Apart from a few companies and starter packages, almost everyone can get started without having to take out a loan. So if it is a little more difficult than you expected, you swallow your loss, your pride might get a bite, but otherwise little is lost if you fail.

Stopping is far too easy. As a Network Marketer you have to find a motivation for yourself and then go to work, and keep on working, to become successful.

=> Investing is about more than just money! More about this later.

Statement 2: You can work anywhere, wherever you want

With this nice weather I can look up a terrace, or sit down in the backyard.

Man in de bergen met laptop en uitzicht op bergmeer

I will be on holiday soon and I don’thave to cancel any appointment! I can handle everything I want online and/or by telephone from my holiday location. I can invite my potential customers or partners for a skype or zoom meeting or presentation, can send information via whatsapp or messenger, send e-mails, show videos, discuss what they are looking for and how I can help them.

But ... again, you have to do it! How easy is it not to be distracted, to think, "Ah, I can do that tomorrow". In order to do what you have to do, to make a success of your (network marketing) company, you have to get going. You have to be able to motivate yourself and put your time into it.

=> Only if you can do that (motivate yourself), you can work anywhere you want.

Statement 3: you do not have to do anything alone, you work in a team, there’s always someone who can help you

Most Network Marketers have started, or are still working, in employment. Used to do things together. The biggest barrier to starting something for yourself is rarely the money, but the fear of having to do everything alone. And there is so much that you do not know about, or think you know nothing about. Things you’re not looking forward to.

It is pretty normal that the idea of ​​working independently, but still in a team, is very attractive. That was also one of the reasons for me to start with it!


I have had incredible help. And I still get it. Working with partners in a team is a great for me. Extra? Yes, extra. Because how much I like to be able to brainstorm with my partners, to be able to motivate each other and to discuss problems that we all run into sooner or later... Most of the work you still need to do yourself!

You will be offered the base of your business neatly on a silver platter. You are guided step-by-step as long as this is necessary for you, receive on- or offline training, you can spar with your upline and your partners, but...

You have to get started yourself!

Teamwork met in elkaar grijpende raderen

Independent or not, you are a cog in the team. If you don’t get started, you disrupt the ability of your team to guide and support you. So do what you have to do to get the help and support you need.

=> Invest in yourself and in your company. As much as you can. And... take action!

Statement 4: it is so easy that everyone can do it

In terms of content, the work is as simple as you can think of. Although there may be activities that you find exciting, or even scary (not everyone sees themselves in front of a room giving a presentation!). None of the things you need to do, is really difficult by nature and everyone who wants to, can learn to do it.

keep learning

Another big advantage is that you can see what suits you and you can adjust your way of working to it. You really don’t have to give a presentation for a room full of people, it saves time and can be fun, but 1-on-1 is also fine and is even better for some people. Or you simply invite your prospect to a presentation of one of your partners. Some companies or products are perfect for parties or workshops, but if you don’t like that, you don’t have to do it. There are always other ways that suit you better.

What do you have to do? Share your experiences with your company and your products enthusiastically. Address everyone, expand your network, create new friendships, renew old ones. Invite them to listen to you, or to your upline. By phone, on location or online. You have to dare to ask them for help (new contacts), but also for the sale!

It takes courage and a certain mindset, especially if you have never done anything like this before, to talk to people. Especially by the time you shift your attention from family, friends and acquaintances to the so-called cold market.

You also have to learn how your company works, what products there are, who they are suitable for, how the business plan works, in a nutshell and in more detail. You have to learn how to explain all this and get people enthusiastic about it.

persoonlijke groei

In Network Marketing, growth is everything. With that I mean personal growth. Where you can fall back on a colleague or a team leader in paid employment, as an entrepreneur you have to learn how to do it yourself. First with the help of upline and your team, but ultimately yourself.

Explore the boundaries of your comfort zone. It is different for everyone, but everything!! is good!

Although your investment in money doesn’t have to be large (an average of some tens of bucks per month), there is a significant investment in time and energy.

=> Invest time and energy as much as you can, and money if you have it...

Network marketing is a wonderful branch

Does all this make Network Marketing something too difficult? No. NO! Certainly not. As long as you realize what you are getting into. As long as you realize you are starting a business. That may be very small, for a few hours a week, no problem. But set corresponding, achievable goals. Adjust your expectations to your possibilities, time and commitment.

Network marketing offers virtually limitless possibilities for anyone who can motivate themselves, who won’t let them be held back by disappointing results, who want to put their energy into personal growth.

Are you someone who, just like me, always gets the thought that paid employment really isn’t your thing? Who, despite lack of ideas, always think about the possibility to start for yourself?

Are you enthusiastic, a go-getter and can you motivate yourself? If so, Network Marketing is also a wonderful branch for you!

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P.S. Did you recognize the "almost" in this article? 😉

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