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Sporting and oxidative stress

Posted on 11 January 2018

These days most people know about anti-oxidants. And free radicals. But who has heard of oxidative stress?

Of course it has everything to do with anti-oxidants and free radicals, else I wouldn’t have mentioned it. The next logical question is: what’s the link with sporting, athletes and sports enthusiasts?

I’m not a biologists or doctor, but I’ll try to explain in as simple words as possible what oxidative stress is and how it’s related to sporting, enthusiasts and athletes.
Your body has metabolism, in which all kinds of particles react with oxygen. Like oxygen affects metals – rust –, this also affects our body. No matter how hard we need oxygen, as soon as it connects with certain particles in our body, it forms free radicals. The process is called oxidative stress. Say… rust ;).

Watch the short video below for a very simple explanation of what oxidative stress means:

Oxidative stress and aging

Oxidative stress is an important cause of aging. Our body makes its own anti-oxidants from the moment we’re born to about our 20-25 year. From than your body starts to struggle to produce enough anti-oxidants and this worsens as we age. With other words: somewhere around that age, the aging process starts.

In the beginning you hardly notice that. But as we age, the corresponding symptoms grow noticeable. With some those symptoms come earlier than with others, but no one escapes it.

How much oxidative stress you have, is measurable in your blood. Based on that amount of oxidative stress, doctors and specialist can tell your age.

Oxidative stress and sporting

Okay, but what has it got to do with sporting? I’ll explain: the extend of oxidative stress is influenced by all kinds of environmental factors. One of them being... sportivities! That sounds contradictory, right?

Being active is necessary for mankind. Sporting is good. For our body and for our mind. It keeps us fit, clears our mind, frees us from worrying, gives purpose, whatever applies to you, sporting is by definition good for us.
But... when sporting, we breath heavier, we consume more oxygen.

Rust, or in other words free radicals


Rust can only occur when metals gets in contact with oxygen and water. It’s no difference in our body, which consists of about 70% of water. The more oxygen we have in our body, the more particles can connect with it and the more free radicals thrive. And that means more oxidative stress.

Good and bad news

First the bad news: all the anti-oxidants we make, we eat through greens and fruits and we get by taking supplements, are not enough to fight of the free radicals. It’s not enough to measurably fight aging.

Luckily there are new scientific insights about aging, about oxidative stress and above all, about NRF2 activation. That is very good news!

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